How to Operate a Fire Extinguisher?

When it comes to fire emergencies, it is good to be prepared. Fire extinguishers help put out small and large fires depending on the type of fire. Knowing how to operate fire extinguisher can save your life in an emergency. If you are looking for fire extinguishers for your home or business in Edmonton, choose Amptec Fire & Security. We offer a wide variety of fire extinguishers including dry chemical and carbon dioxide extinguishers.



Types of Fires

The type of extinguisher you choose depends on the fire type. Fires are categorized into five classes. They are:


Class A

• A fire involving paper, cardboard, plastics and wood
• Water or dry chemical extinguishers are used for Class A fires
• Denoted by a green triangle symbol


Class B

• Fire involves flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, grease and oil
• Denoted by a red square symbol


Class C

• Fire involves electrical equipment such as wires, switches and panel boxes
• Carbon dioxide or dry chemical extinguishers are used for Class B and C fires
• Denoted by a blue circle symbol


Class D

• Fire involves combustible metals such as magnesium, titanium, potassium or sodium
• Dry powder extinguishers are used for Class D fires only
• Denoted by yellow decagon symbol


Class K

• Fire involves cooking oils or trans-fats used in commercial kitchens such as restaurants and cafeteria
• Wet chemical extinguishers are used for Class K fires in commercial kitchens
• Denoted by black hexagon symbol


Steps to Operate a Fire Extinguisher


Here is a simple method known as PASS (which is an acronym for pull, aim, squeeze and sweep) to operate a fire extinguisher.


• Pull

Pull the pin from the handle of fire extinguisher. Also, make sure it’s nozzle is aimed away from you.


• Aim

Aim the extinguisher nozzle at base of fire and not at flames. When you aim the nozzle on flames, you can’t extinguish a fire quickly. Make sure the distance between you and fire source is around six to eight feet. You can cautiously move closer once flames die down.


• Squeeze

Apply even pressure when you squeeze levers to release extinguishing agent.


• Sweep

Sweep nozzle back and forth at base of the flames to extinguish fire.

Repeat the procedure if the fire is not extinguished. Find out if you need to recharge or replace the fire extinguisher once used.


Amptec Fire & Security provides fire extinguishers and fire safety solutions in Edmonton. We also offer sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, emergency lighting and fire alarms for homeowners and businesses.


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