Professional Safety Systems in and Around Alberta

Safety systems in buildings and homes provide a preemptive protection cover for your property. It is better to identify the risk areas and be prepared for any threat before it strikes. Fire safety systems, building safety services and business safety devices help protect your property, people and equipment. At Amptec Fire & Security, based in Edmonton, we sell systems designed to increase your safety, making your lives secure. From a private family home to large commercial buildings, we’re the resource you need to protect yourself against intruders, fire damage and a range of other safety risks. Call us.


Trusted Fire Safety Products for Premium Property Protection

All structures from residential to commercial must be constructed keeping in mind the fire protection regulations. These fire safety systems keep your employees, family and materials safe from all kinds of hazardous fire and smoke damage and are an integral part of building safety services. Some of the popular fire safety products that Amptec Fire & Security sells, installs, and inspects throughout Alberta are:


Fire alarms 

Fire alarms are the first phase of fire detection. They alert the entire building with their high-pitched sound, letting people evacuate on time. Our certified technicians can install new alarms, retrofit alarms in your existing building and maintain your already installed fire system. It’s always better to let our trusted team do the job rather than doing it yourself.


Fire extinguishers 

Forming one of the most critical parts of fire protection, fire extinguishers are a necessity in every building. Minimizing the damage and providing safety to the building, they must be accessible and regularly maintained and checked. Get regular inspections of your fire extinguishers or get new ones installed from our team of experts.


Sprinkler systems

As they are spread throughout the building, sprinklers help control the fire until the fire department arrives. Increasing the safety of your property, sprinklers installed by our experienced workers can help you keep your property safe. Get expert advice from our team on how sprinklers can protect your building.


Effective Building Safety Services Throughout Alberta

Homeowners, business owners and property management companies need added safety services in their buildings to keep themselves and their belongings protected. Have a look at some of these additional building safety services that we provide in and around Alberta:


Emergency Lighting

With a battery power source, these lighting systems turn on when the power fails and help people evacuate safely. Our technicians work with building owners to make the property safer and also check the legal standards for emergency lighting.


Emergency Generators

Unexpected power loss can cause loss of digital information and health risks. Complying with the Alberta Building Code, we handle the installation and maintenance of emergency generators. Keeping the power running until the main source of electricity comes back is our specialty.


Backflow preventers

Using our specialized backflow prevention devices, we can stop the water from going in the wrong direction. Our inspection team can check your plumbing system and get you the right backwater valve required.


Commercial Safety Systems to Protect You and Your Loved Ones

From the precious items stored in the property to the people living there, protection is vital against any threat. At Amptec Fire & Security, we offer many commercial safety systems throughout Alberta, such as:


CCTV Video Surveillance

From letting you see intruders entering your property to recording evidence about theft and crime, our high-quality video surveillance equipment gives you a clear picture of what is happening.


Intercom Systems

Perfect for residential properties, intercom systems allow you to see and identify the person standing at the door. You can also have a conversation with the person at the other end. Installation and maintenance of intercom systems are done promptly by our team of experts. Your safety is always our priority.


Our range of commercial security systems are ideal for your property and are available for round the clock installation by our team.



Get Your Building Up to Code

Working throughout Alberta, we’re extremely familiar with our province’s building codes. We know that it’s important that all of the work adheres to governmental standards, so call us to help ensure that your fire and safety systems are not only functional, they’re up to code. If you have a safety inspection coming up, we can help you pass with flying colours.


Reliable, Branded Security Systems in Edmonton

Not only do we provide professional security service, we favour trusted name-brand products. Our preferred brands include:

  • Mircom
  • Mirtone
  • Edwards Signaling
  • Chubb Fire and Security
  • Notifier
  • Simplex
  • Firelite
  • Siemens
  • Aiphone
  • Lumacell
  • Ready-Lite
  • Emergi-Lite
  • Reliable Security Systems Ltd.
  • Tyco International
  • Gem
  • Viking
  • Victaulic
  • Pyro-Chem
  • Buckeye Stoves
  • Range Guard
  • Kidde
  • Pyrene Fire Security Manitoba
  • Protec
  • ANSUL®
  • Flag
  • Amerex
  • Strike First
  • Diamond
  • Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC
  • System Sensor
  • Kantech
  • Viscount
  • Verint® Systems
  • HID Global
  • SilentKnight
  • Securitron
  • DSC
  • Pelco
  • NuTone
  • Honeywell

To improve the security of your commercial or residential property, contact Amptec today. Our team is waiting to hear from you.

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