Edmonton Fire Hydrants: A Vital Component of Fire Safety

Fire hydrants are a vital component to firefighting operations. While fire trucks contain water, they aren’t able to contain enough water to effectively fight most fires. That’s why fire hydrants are used as a valuable water source in just about every neighbourhood. Painted vibrant colours, fire hydrants are easy to spot and come in a cylinder shape with various valves and connection points to tap into the local water supply. Connected to the water main, fire hydrants have valves that are opened by firefighters in order to attach hoses that allow the continuous flow of water necessary to put out the fire. Amptec Fire & Security understands the importance of fire hydrants in Edmonton. That’s why we offer fire hydrant inspections and maintenance to ensure they’re functioning properly.

Maintenance of Private Fire Hydrants
If a fire hydrant isn’t visible or properly maintained, it’s of little use to firefighters in a fire emergency. While most public hydrants are maintained by the municipality, if you’re a homeowner with a private fire hydrant on your property, it also requires annual maintenance to flush out debris. A one-stop shop for all your fire safety needs, you can rely on our experienced team at Amptec to check for signs of leaking or rusting before and after flushing a hydrant. We’ll also test for adequate water pressure and drainage and are capable of replacing components (pumps, valves, standpipes, pressure switches, etc.), lubricating the nozzle caps and even repainting the hydrant if necessary to ensure it complies with all posted requirements for satisfactory operating conditions.

Be Fire-Safe and Give Us a Call Today
Contact Amptec Fire & Security to learn more about our annual fire hydrant services in Edmonton. We ensure all fire hydrants are compliant with the municipality’s bylaws. Ensuring they meet the posted regulations protects you from potential liabilities in the case of a fire. Be fire-safe, and give us a call today!

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