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Maybe you own or manage a property and want to protect the valuable, sensitive items you store on-site, or perhaps you want to guard your home against potentially dangerous intruders. For the security of your belongings and the well-being of you and your loved ones, Amptec Fire & Security is proud to provide a range of commerical security systems for Edmonton and the rest of Alberta. These include:


CCTV Video Surveillance

It’s impossible to be everywhere at once. With cameras hooked up to a closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance system, not only will you get a centralized way to monitor multiple areas of your property, you’ll have lasting evidence of theft, fraudulent activities or crimes. Video surveillance can help you to oversee a warehouse or industrial property, deter shoplifting in a retail store, or catch intruders by installing the right security system at home.

Security Card Access

For large businesses with many employees, it can be difficult to keep track of exactly who is authorized to be on-site. Lock-and-key systems can be inconvenient and time-consuming: you can’t control who copies a key, it’s difficult to limit when and where they’re used, and it’s a major inconvenience to change the locks if a key gets into the wrong hands. This is why so many offices favour security card access. These systems use a key card and scanner to limit access to authorized personnel only. It’s easy to block access to certain cards, to restrict when and where cards are used, and even keep track of the comings and goings of employees. Contact us in Edmonton to find out more about access control solutions for your business.

Intercom Systems

Someone’s at the door, but you don’t know who it is. Should you let them in? If someone is requesting access to your facility, it’s possible to have a remote conversation with them thanks to our intercom systems. These can be useful for houses, as it will be easy to confirm someone’s identity before letting them in through the door or gate. They’re particularly crucial for industrial facilities or apartment buildings, when you need to communicate across large distances. Intercoms allow you to be in control of exactly who you open the door to in addition to providing a convenient means of communication across a facility.

24/7 Security Monitoring

SoSometimes, you need to deter potential intruders with more than locks and cameras alone. That’s where our 24/7 security monitoring system comes in. Intruders into secure areas of your home or business will be greeted with a loud alarm, and as if that weren’t enough to scare them away, we’ll be alerted to their presence immediately so that we can intervene. This is where our rapid response time really comes to your advantage.

Call Us to Secure Your Property

The first step to increasing your security is a call to Amptec Fire & Security. Our security personnel are on hand around the clock, so your continued safety is always our priority.


Make your property safer with our commercial security systems in Edmonton. Contact our experts today.

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